1988 Vette

Backup Lamp Switch
Flowmaster Cat-Back
Windshield Washer
Door Panels
Air Cleaner Housing
Fuel Pump
Fuel Gauge
Hatch Solenoid
To-Do Items
Misc. Pics
Plastic Repair
Air Pump Delete
Targa Top Storage Mounts
Cargo Shade

After a hiatus of about 8 years from the Corvette hobby I purchased a 1988 Corvette Coupe from a Corvette Forum member who lives in Indiana. We emailed back and forth and arrived at a sale price for the car and worked out a plan to take possession of the car.

Unfortunately, it was the middle of January (2016) and cold, cold, cold. My wife and I hoped for good weather, rented a car and set out for Indiana. The weather held on the way over and we met up with the car's owner. After looking at the car and chatting for a while, I decided to hand him a check and drive the car back to Maryland.

Our luck didn't hold on the way back and we ran into some very bad snow and ice conditions. We decide to throw in the towel and get off the road before things got even more dangerous. We managed to slip-slide our way to a hotel right off of the highway. Once we checked-in we peered out of our hotel window to find that the highway we had just left was shut down. For the next several ours we listened to the news, watched emergency vehicles trying to get past the long line of stalled cars and trucks and felt grateful for having found a safe haven for the night. When the morning arrived, it was cold but clearing and we finished our trip home.

So now there's a new (to me) Vette in the garage and I'm excited to begin learning what surprises are in store as I evaluate her condition and begin making her my own.