Rubber Bumpers


My 1985 doesn't have any rubber bumpers on the rear hatch window side trim or as GM would put it, the: 

PANEL, Rr Hatch Wdo Si Tr-LH . . . 14047573
PANEL, Rr Hatch Wdo Si Tr-RH . . . 14047574

As you can see, unlike the later model Corvette's mine has no bumpers.

Anyway, what it does have are a couple of rubber bumpers on the rear hatch window, rear trim:

PANEL, Rr Hatch Wdo Rr Tr . . . 14047575

Where was I, oh yeah, these rubber bumpers on the rear trim are to support the targa top when it is stowed in the back of the car. One of them was missing when I bought the car. I went to my Corvette Central catalog and found this: 

414297 84-96 Bumper, rubber rear hatch trim, ea. . . . $1.50

I ordered two of them and this is what I received:

Clearly this is not the part I was looking for. I can't blame Corvette Central because the illustration in the catalog does match what I received. But if these weren't the bumpers I needed then what was the correct part???

Well, I noticed that the rubber bumpers used under the gas filler door looked the same as the one remaining rear trim bumper:

 I removed one gas door bumper and the remaining rear trim bumper and they matched:

So, if you're hunting for a replacement for a wayward rear hatch, rear trim bumper, just get a:

Corvette Central:
84-95 Gas Lid Door Bumper, Rear (All) . . . $1.95

or GM:
BUMPER, FUEL FIL DR BEZEL . . . 14083567