I ordered a lift for my car from It arrived in about a week and I assembled it in about an hour. It really makes under-car repairs a breeze. It's also useful for general detailing. You can sit next to the car and have it at eye level.

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Here's some photos of an unpainted Kwik-Lift from their web site:

Kwik-Lift disassembled:
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Kwik-Lift assembled:
ramp3.jpg (37562 bytes)

Lift-bar in drive-on position:
ramp4.jpg (37979 bytes)

Lift-bar in lift position:
ramp5.jpg (44308 bytes)

Floor jack inserted under the lift-bar:
ramp6.jpg (40687 bytes)

Kwik-Lift in the raised position:
ramp7.jpg (41009 bytes)