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1985 Corvette purchased May 25th 1999 (6,607 miles!):

I consider myself very fortunate to have stumbled upon my '85. My wife and I went out looking for Vettes in May of 1999 on a whim. She knew that I always admired Corvettes and she decided that I should get one since I was approaching my 41st birthday. (When your wife suggests that you get a Vette you do it - no questions asked!) We stopped into a couple of car dealers and saw a few cars but nothing really stood out.

I was looking for a white automatic and found one but it wasn't in very good shape. However, there was this bright red manual sitting nearby that I sort of dismissed since it wasn't what I was looking for. But my wife insisted that I at least look at it, so I did. When I first sat in the car I couldn't get over how immaculate it was. Then I noticed the odometer was sitting at 6,700 miles. I thought the odometer had to be broken. I found out later the car was owned by a collector and he wanted a new C5. So to make room, he picked the 'runt' of the litter and offered it up for sale. I've been in, on and under the car trying to find out if I've been lied to, but in the years since the purchase I haven't been able to find any evidence to support that notion.

When the C4 was first introduced I fell in love with the 'arcade' dash and the interior styling of the car but I couldn't afford one. By the time I could afford one, GM had dropped or changed many of my favorite features. I'm very lucky to have found a car that was essentially untouched for 15 years. I feel like I got to purchase a brand new 1985!

NCRS Top Flight Award Winner
March 23, 2003


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